One of the strengths of our Company is the Machining Area and our technicians. We have made an important investment in technology to provide high quality services in terms of mechanisation. Not only machines but facilities according the standard of the medical devices industry, thermally stabilized and ready for an efficient cleaning, keeping the area free from contaminants and to the highest level of cleanliness.

We do have:

  • 5 Axis Machining Centers.
  • Multitasking Lathes.
  • Swiss-Type Lathes.
  • CNC Turning Machines.

Machining Area


Multitasking Turning

Multitasking Turning

5 Axis Milling


Acetabular Cups

In addition to our mechanisation area, we offer different kinds of finishing both for implants and for instruments. Therefore we have the capability to adapt to our customer’s specifications in order to satisfy almost any requirement in terms of finishing.

Polishing, shot blasting, brushing, electropolishing, are the most common finishing processes. All parts coming from mechanisation, are manually deburried, revised one by one before entering into the Quality Final Control Area.

Also we have disk finishing machines suitable both for deburring and for different kinds of finishings.

In the finishing area, we contemplate tasks such as the parts assembly, laser welding and preliminary cleaning by ultrasound. Eliminating chips and doing a pre-cleaning operation, we guarantee the perfect status of our Quality Final Control Department.

Shot Blasting

Disk Polishing

Acetabular Cups Cleaning

Laser Welding


Femoral Stem

Femoral Stem

We have two different quality areas.

One of them, focuses on the production process and ensures that the Machining Area produces according to the drawings and specifications. This has a higher meaning when we start from forged parts or raw materials from the customer.

Anyway, assuring quality from the begining, is the best way to accomplish a good delivery time.

Our Quality Manual, specifies that all processes must be validated. To get this, we measure 100% of the first 10 parts when a production order commences. After that the frequency is agreed with each customer or depending on the kind of implant or part we are producing.

The second is the Final Control. This department is isolated from the rest of the factory.

Here we test all the products before sending them to our customers. We include not only the quality control but also a second cleaning process with ultrasound that is validated to guarantee that all the parts are free from hydrocarbons from the machining processes.
After that we mark by laser, check the traceability from raw material to invoice and pack the goods to be sure they do not get ruined during the transportation.

Quality Areas has the following devices:

  • 2 CNC Coordinate Tables.
  • 2 Profile projectors.
  • Roundness tester machine.
  • Roughness tester machine.
  • 2 Ultrasound Cleaning Machines.
  • 2 Laser Marking Machines.
  • Go-No Go Gauges.

Final Control Quality Area

In-Process Quality Control

Final Quality Control Area

Final Quality Control Area


MIPESA SURGICAL MACHINING, does not have a CE mark or any own product. We ONLY manufacture under our customer’s drawings and requirements, observing privacy and protecting the property of the client.

Please find below examples of our experience in producing these parts. All pictures are shown under the permission of our customers.

Please, contact us for further information. We will attend you in a short.