MIPESA SURGICAL MACHINING is a Contract Manufacturer Company located in Spain, Europe with skills in both prosthesis and instruments.

We have no own product and only work under customer’s specifications.

Certified UNE-EN ISO13485, we guarantee the best quality, a good service together with a reasonable price in the manufacturing of Medical Devices.

With more than 45 years manufacturing parts for our Customers, we are an extremely solid Company with a prosperous future ahead.

In MIPESA we have experience in machining femoral stems, acetabulum cups, tibial plates, tibial inserts, spine canulated screws, cervical and lumbar cages, …

In brief, we are experts in machining parts using titaniums, stainless steels, peek, and other kinds of materials commonly used in the medical industry.


In MIPESA we do have new brand facilities according to the high level of requirements of the Medical Devices Industry.

  • Climate-controlled production area.
  • 5 Axis Machining Centers.
  • Multitasking Lathes.
  • Swiss-Type Lathes.
  • Shot Blasting Machines.
  • Laser Welding.
  • Electro-Polishing.
  • Disc Finishing Units.
  • Laser Marking.
  • 2 CNC Coordinate Tables.
  • Roughness and Straightness Testing Machines.
  • Digital Profile Projectors.
  • Roundess Tester Machine.
For further information, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to be an extension of your Company.